5 Of Our Favorites On 1 Tour!


This Muscadine Bloodline tour is a country music lover’s dream.  If you’re anything like us here at Dive Bar Country, you’re always looking for the next big thing in country music.  Muscadine Bloodline is exactly that!  Muscadine Bloodline is touring the country performing their new EP Movin’ On.  Muscadine Bloodline has brought other artists on the road with them, who we expect to make an equally big splash in the country music world.  These artists include, Faren Rachels, Jordan Fletcher, Jobe Fortner, and Brandon Ray.  3 years from now we have a feeling all these artists will all have trophy cases full of awards and headlining big tours.  Dive Bar Country will be covering two shows from this tour, November 8th in Athens GA and December 1st in Boston MA.  Hope to see some of y’all there! Check out our summary playlist of this powerhouse tour and grab tickets here!



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