Hayden Coffman Releases “That’s Just Me”


Hayden Coffman is a 21 year old Nashville recording artist working with RCA studios. Originally from Knoxville, TN Hayden has grown up watching his father and grandfather live the simple life and enjoy the little things. That’s Just Me is  a song which pays tribute to his traditional southern upbringing and lifestyle. If there is anything you want to know about Hayden Coffman it can be found in the lyrics of his newest single’ “I love a white t-shirt, with some levi jeans, a little bit of coke with a lot of Jack D.” Or how be believes “The best damn football is in the SEC”

A good friend of Hayden’s, Chandler Brown originally wrote the song about 7 years ago. With a few slight changes Hayden deemed it ready to cut. This is Chandler’s first cut, but the two have worked diligently on a number of other songs to be released in the future. Hayden has been playing ‘That’s Just Me’ since November and it never fails to get the crowd on their feet.

This is Hayden’s first full production with RCA studios and producer Eddie Gore. Eddie’s tag line for Hayden is ‘Real Drums, Real Fun, Real Country.” Which is about as accurate as you can get with this team. That’s Just Me can be found on all major platforms and within the first 3 days of being released has already tallied over 10,000 streams!

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