Jimmie Allen Releases Debut Album


Jimmie Allen released his highly anticipated debut album, Mercury Lane, yesterday and yeah…. it’s really really good.  Jimmie has spent the summer/fall hitting the road as hard as any.  He has played festivals, opened for several artists, and even taken part in numerous radio shows.  Jimmie is planning to hit the road with Scotty McCreery on his tour. Keep an eye out because he will also be joining Kane Brown’s ‘Live Forever’ tour!

 Jimmie hit #1 on our top performances of the 2018 Summer list.  Seeing him live is an experience like no other.  Jimmie is an open book when he’s on stage.  He tells stories of living in his car trying to catch his big break in Nashville.  During live shows, Jimmie will tell a short story before a number of his songs. He dedicates his song Warrior to powerful women in his life that never quit fighting. One of our personal favorites off the album is Underdogs; Jimmie dedicates this song to everyone who is out there working hard for something.  People who have more doubters and haters than supporters and cheerleaders.

Mercury Lane features some tracks he’s been playing in live shows for quite some time now including, American Heartbreaker, Boy Gets A Truck, and his hit single Best Shot. Go ahead and grab Mercury Lane and show some love to our man Jimmie Allen!

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