Jordan Fletcher Talks About ‘Hurts Like Heaven’ And His Appreciation For Friends In The Business


 We caught up with Jordan Fletcher, a Jacksonville, FL native and country music artist currently touring with Muscadine Bloodline. Jordan rolls with that awesome group we highlighted back in October i.e Muscadine Bloodline, Jobe Fortner, Faren Rachels, and Ryan Nelson. Through the support of this group and very loyal fans we’ve heard a ton of music from Jordan which we look forward to getting on all platforms soon. Jordan’s most recent single ‘Cover Song’ has been out since March of this year and is definitely worth giving a play! (Also it’s essential to add a picture of the nicest tour bus in the nation, check out the #FletchCarlton) 

 DBC:  What has your experience been like this year opening for guys like Riley Green and Muscadine Bloodline?

 JF:  It’s been incredible to have guys like that look out for you. Gary and Charlie (Muscadine Bloodline) are two of my best friends in town (Nashville)and they’ve been just non-stop supporting me and helping me. They’ve taken me on their whole tour. I’ve played in front of crowds that I have no business playing in front of. Its been huge, and getting to open for Riley and all this is just incredible. These are my friends who have stuck around for me and helped me so much. I’m just grateful that these people have been sticking a hand out for me. 

 DBC: Like you said you’re part of a really good group of friends. Who are the people you work with and maybe some projects you’ve been a part of that no one knows?

 JF: When I first moved to town I moved with my friend Ryan Nelson. He actually moved up a year before I did and really encouraged me to move up to Nashville. Theres a really tight web of folks who you first meet when you get there and as your career moves, there are more and more. Ryan and Jobe Fortner got me introduced up here. Jobe is now touring all over the place. I used to play drums for him back in the day!

 DBC: You’ve thrown a lot out at us as unreleased and on youtube. What can we expect from you next?

 JF: ‘Miles To The Moon’ Is the next one that will come out officially, being out on all platforms. That one is finally finished, done, and mastered. We’re going to probably put it out in the next month, maybe month and a half. And actually ‘Hurts Like Heaven’, we’re thinking about releasing that one. The big one is a 5 song project we just finished tracking vocals on this morning. So yeah we have a bunch of stuff ready and the goal is to get a lot of these songs out to folks.

 DBC: Take us through Hurts Like Heaven. Thats a song that really rocked some people emotionally. What does this song mean to you and whats the story behind all of that?

 JF: Yeah man that was a trip. I started writing when I was 19 and it was all me starting to deal with my dad’s passing which happened when I was 11. Everyone grieves at their own pace and differently. That song is a song that I’ve been trying to write this whole time. I’ve been chasing that song for a long time. I got to sit down with Kalsey Kulyk who’s an awesome artist and she’d experienced some tremendous loss in her life as well. This song really just fell from the sky. It’s pure and it’s as true as I could have ever said anything.

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