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Dive Bar Country was able to chat with rising artist, Julia Cole, earlier this week. The R&B country singer has a very unique sound. Her upbeat and exciting style of music is sure to electrify any concert! Julia is looking forward to the release of her new single, “Miss Love”, on November 2nd. “Miss Love” is available for pre-order and pre-save so go grab it now! We spoke with Julia about her journey to music, her inspirations, and a little about her new single. See full interview below!

“Sports play a huge role in your life, were your teammates supporters of you and pushing you to pursue music?”

“Yeah they were, I would sing National Anthems for my own games. It was actually because of my teammates and coaches that I really started pursuing music.It was even their idea for me to start singing the anthem before games; they would hear me singing on the bus and in the locker room and told me I ought to do the National Anthem. It was a blessing to have so much support and encouragement.  My volleyball coach will still comment on all my posts on Facebook…. It’s great to know that is still a community that is in my corner!”

“How did singing the anthem for sold out stadiums prepare you for your own shows?”

“It was not just singing the anthem, it was sports in general energizing me to perform under pressure. When I sang my first Anthem for the Houston Texans, there were 75 thousand people there but it wasn’t a situation wherein it transferred to 75 thousand fans…  It was more of an experience for me mentally because I realized I could sing and I was not nervous. People kept asking how I did that,  how I didn’t get nervous. I realized that I was naturally doing something that people find difficult and frightening.  Thats what really drove me to chase a music career.”

“With the amount of home town pride you have, what is it like not being located in Houston anymore?”

“I actually go back pretty often. People always ask me how I’m liking Nashville. I always tell them ‘I love Nashville, its amazing!’ The only thing that would make it better is if it was in Texas. I love going back home. Culturally, Nashville is very similar to Houston. We still have the southern hospitality, but it’s a bit more vibrant. It’s not LA or New York, but it still feels a little like home. With that said, nothing compares to going home and being with my family and friends.”

“You seem to blend a lot of genres together in your music. Where does your influence come from, not necessarily from country music?”

“I describe my music as R&B country. The production is country, the lyrics are country, but the vocal melodies have a lot of R&B influence. That comes from artists like Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and Mariah Carrey. That’s who I grow up listening to wondering ‘Oh my gosh how do they do that?’ I remember one time there was a Kelly Clarkson run that she did which I practiced over and over until I could finally mimic that same run. This wasn’t when I was trying to be a musician, this was just something that I did for fun while I was doing homework and what-not. It’s been cool to see all those influences coming out in my writing and melodies. People will reference some of those artists when they’re listening to my songs. It’s amazing to see how much I picked up on just from listening as a fan.”

“Who are some of the new age country music artists you’d want to work with?”

“Dan + Shay, Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett, Maren Morris. I think we all have a mutual feeling that genres are meant to be played with but the country music lyrics are most important. Even listening to Maren Morris in her new single with Zedd, she has an acoustic version and the lyrics are meaningful. There’s a lot of artists with this new age country I’d like to work with.”

“November 2nd is going to be a big day for you. What do you have coming out, whats its going to be like?”

“YUP! “Miss love”, the new single is coming out. I’m super excited, it’s my first full band project. This is the first project that I’ve been able to see grow into its full potential.  “Miss Love” is the first of 5 tracks that are going to be released in a series of releases coming out in 2019. This first single is going to open the door to what my music can be like with a full production. The song lyrics are very personal and very emotional, but it is still a high energy song. I’ve been playing it live for the last 6-8 months for thousands of people. It’s been getting such great live reactions that I decided to release it. It’s been fun having a full year of touring and creating this anticipation for the music to come out. This year has been a game changer for me. I’m just excited for “Miss Love” and the rest of the EP to come out and take everything to the next level. Hope to see a bunch of fans singing along at some shows!”


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