Shackelford Lane Putting The COUNTRY Back In Country


Shackelford Lane is a new group immersing itself in the Alabama scene at a rapid pace. Brothers Will and Reid Shackelford struck up the idea of forming a band in May of this year. The two added a Facebook Page, created an Instagram profile and set out on their journey to put the COUNTRY back in country. Having never written a song, or ever been in a studio, the tasks ahead seemed daunting to the brothers. Needing that extra push to continue on Will told us “Our mom actually was pushing us to put ourselves out there more. When we went to record our first EP she entered us into a songwriting competition without telling us. Probably because she knew we didn’t want to go- and dang if we didn’t go all the way to the finals. We ended up back in Nashville about 5 times that summer.” By the end of the summer they found themselves playing 8 shows in 11 days. 

 Being from a small town, the support came easily and strong. The boys said it has been incredible going from creating a Facebook page in a dorm room while procrastinating studying to where we are now. By the end of the summer they were having watch parties back in town to see them play in the competition. They’d have 75, maybe 100 people show up. “Seeing how much our town and family believes in us and is pushing us means the world.”

 Shackelford Lane released their debut EP Kiss and Tell on September 6th of this year. Their biggest hit off the EP is Leave. Reid told us Leave is their favorite song to play because if you passed third grade spelling you’re singing along by the end. “I love seeing people try to learn the lyrics while we’re on stage and by the end I’m watching them belt out L E A V E.”  Check out the new music video below!

 Shackelford Lane has tallied over 90k streams on Spotify since the release of their EP. Looking into the future the boys have big plans to head out west. Their true country taste draws them to the wild, wild west where they hope to make a splash. Their new single Nothing But A Smile will be coming in 2019. Check out their tunes and give them a spin!



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